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Build Your Own Brand


Build Your Own Brand

Build Your Own Brand

1) Define your Branding strategy

Growing your business will be lot easier if you have a strong, well-defined your brand.
What, on the other hand, constitutes a strong brand?
It’s not usually just one outstanding feature that makes a brand great—usually it’s a combination of numerous. This is where the majority of individuals go wrong, necessitating the need of a brand strategy. Furthermore, your brand strategy must be in sync with your business objectives (the reason WHY you exist), target client, and unique selling proposition.
Consider Ikea to put this in context. While they aren’t a small business, they are an excellent example of a powerful brand.
Why? Because they’re known for their affordable prices, large stores, excellent customer service, innovative items, and inspirational concepts.
Ikea’s brand is more than just a logo. Agree?
So, define your why and the rest will follow

2) Develop a Brand Identity

You’ll need the following to build a strong brand:
A logo is a symbol that represents your company.
Tag line — a succinct and succinct motto
Visual Aesthetic – a colour palette, typography, design style, and general concept that are all consistent.
The tone, vocabulary, and grammar of the brand
After you’ve completed these steps, you can move on to creating the rest of your brand’s collateral.
For example, your website, social media images, packaging, and stationery

3) Implement Track and Adjust

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to branding. You might wish to update it or re-brand it in the future. When it comes to rebranding, your clients, new developing technology, and the ever-changing economy will all play a role.

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