Autodesk Revit

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A bim complete solution using Autodesk Revit


Autodesk Revit

We provide

  • A complete LOD-5 BIM model
  • Time scheduling (super improved and max optimized)
  • Cost estimation
  • Quantity takeoff (the exact amount of materials required)
  • Total surface area to paint, to plaster, or any quantity for any specific purpose
  • Sustainability analysis of Building, (Greenness of Building) will help you to get certified by IGBC, LEED, or other Green Building certifiers.
  • Solar study & Airflow (Windrose) diagram based on the location of the project for the complete life cycle of building
  • A complete 3D model for early visualization and unlimited renderings, whole building model can be seen prior to construction and alterations can be made
  • Early clash detection saves a huge amount of money wasted in demolition, reconstruction, and delays.
  • A complete inventory plan to manage space at congested work site
  • Optimal orientation of the building can be suggested to save maintenance charges during the life cycle.
  • Any number of 2D drawings, layouts, sections, elevations
  • Cooling and Heating requirements of the building during different seasons


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