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MATLAB is a platform for technical computing. It is used for a number of different applications, including image processing, data analysis, and algorithm development. Smart Pictorial provides services in MATLAB for all of your needs.

I have been working with MATLAB for 4 years. My experience allows me to tackle almost any kind of problem in MATLAB. I can write MATLAB scripts and design Simulink models for your project. I don’t mind going the extra mile and do some research for the project. Moreover, I keep all codes clean, explained with comments, and error-free.


I will assist you in the following domains.

MATLAB programming

· Image Processing

. Machine Learning

· Communication systems

· Signal Processing

· FIR and IIR Filter Design

· Control systems (PID Controllers, Motors etc.)

· Frequency/ Fourier Analysis

· Smoothing Data and Difference equations

· Mathematical Problems

· Scripts for Basic Algorithms


· Simulating Control Systems

· Filter designs

· Simulating communications systems

· Analyzing the bit error rate (BER)

· Adding channel impairments

Why I think we’ll make a great team:

– Easy Communication

– All steps explained in detail

– Error Free-Code/ No hard coding

– Knowledge of various MATLAB toolboxes

1 review for MATLAB

  1. frankmaple

    This is superb! I had no idea a document could look this good. One of the best people I have ever dealt with very very kind and very understanding he help me a lot and we will work in the future I recommend him 100% do not even hesitate he’s a very nice guy he really works hard and he’s not about the money and about getting the job done. Thank you.

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