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Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

By registering on our website, placing an order, subscribing to or signing up for a newsletter, or filling out any forms, you are authorizing Smart Pictorial to collect your data and information as provided by the user.
These kinds of personal details are taken into account in the following (privacy policy):

  • Full name
  • E-mail address
  • Mailing address
  • Credit card information
  • Phone number

How is your information used?

Client information is gathered from you to be utilized in one or more of the following ways:
To offer a unique and personalized experience – Your responses will assist us in better evaluating your requirements.

Our Privacy Policy:

  • We utilize these metrics to improve the functionality of our website based on the criteria and parameters provided by you.
  • We will utilize the information we collect to improve our customer service and support staff based on the requirements and details we receive from you.
  • We will utilize the information we collect to improve our customer service and support staff based on the requirements and details we receive from you. We assess and determine if we need to improve existing payment methods or introduce new integrations by gaining a better understanding of our customers’ payment methods and what they like (APIs etc.)
  • Unless a verbal or written communication consent is established and is informed to Logo Innovators during or before the deployment of the project or requirements, all information gathered and obtained from you will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other source/agency/business / or contact individuals in any way.
  • To offer detailed reports, updates, and specifications, as well as to handle individual project concerns. In this case, we will respond to inquiries, urgent requests, place cancellations, and/or other requests or questions related to the project or direct concerns related to the range of services that we specialize in and provide using the email address that we have on file (the email address used at the time of sign up).
  • The email address you submit may be used to send you information, react to inquiries, and/or answer any requests or questions.

How do we protect your information?

Smart Pictorial has a variety of security measures in place that are systematically followed and enforced at all times, assuring the confidentiality and security of any and all information and data communicated between the two parties.
Smart Pictorial’s resources and security infrastructure are based on a mix of secure servers that are on-premises, off-premises, and in the cloud. Clients’ and other people’s information, such as credit information, is secured using Smart Pictorial’s Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to help secure transactions.

Only authorized individuals have access to the database that is linked to any payment gateway providers, databases, or other sources of firm information.

Every transaction between the customer and Smart Pictorial will be assigned a transaction ID, which the client may use to track the status of their purchase or the services they have received from Smart Pictorial. Furthermore, it is necessary to supply clients with such records in order to confirm the order’s integrity, and the client will be given a copy of an invoice for his or her records.

First 14 days after completion of an order

While the project / or requirements are ongoing between both parties, Smart Pictorial will maintain all customer information (including project specs and details). SmartPictorial has the right to keep your information for 14 business days after the completion of such a required project. SmartPictorial’s system will remove your specifications and details from our systems after the 14-day period has expired. Customers can, however, request their data from our servers at this time.

Let’s talk about cookies for a moment. Not the ones you eat, of course!

If you’re wondering what cookies are, they’re small files that a website or service provider collects and delivers straight to your computer’s hard drive via your web browser. Enabling this feature will assist browsers and service providers in recognizing the client’s browser and capturing necessary information. If you have any question about Privacy Policy please contact us.

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