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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By opting to any of SmartPictorial’s services, you’re agreeing to all the terms and conditions listed on this agreement.

Original Ethical Works & Intellectual Properties

SmartPictorial’s projects are led by creative designers, project managers, and lead design teams that are all highly qualified and experienced. As a result, SmartPictorial has sworn to serve its clients with the greatest, most qualified, and unique design concept possible. This guideline applies to all services and products provided by Logo Innovators.

Design Merit

Copying and pasting, abstracting or capturing design concepts or shape elements from other companies, artists, or any pre-existing layout or design is not something SmartPictorial does. Instead, it is thoroughly examined for sources of inspiration in order to create an original design from the ground up. As a result, SmartPictorial guarantees that all design mockups are unique ideas.

Intellectual Properties

Unless ownership rights and intellectual property rights transfer to another individual is requested, all clients (buyers of the service) shall be the owner of any intellectual property conceived or generated by SmartPictorial’s team of designers. For this process, the design’s original owner must send an email to so that SmartPictorial can keep track of it.

To ensure that you receive the greatest and most unique design for any of our services, we make sure that our designers and developers adhere to SmartPictorial’s guidelines and laws, which highlight and define the quality of an original design. Therefore, SmartPictorial provide the guarantee that no two designs are ever created and no design concept is ever copied based on client competitor(s) or from Smartpictorial’s archives.

Right to Refuse Service

We have the authority to refuse certain sorts of projects as a design and marketing agency. We have the right to deny a project for a variety of reasons, and SmartPictorial is not obligated to offer a rationale for the denial of a customer’s or client’s request for services.

Changes to our Privacy Policy and Terms

The terms and conditions of SmartPictorial, as well as its right to privacy policy, will be amended on this website. Customers and clients should bear in mind that every 6–12 months, they should visit this page for fresh updates.

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